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Now that Johnny Manziel is Abercrombie uk a Brown, do you like the choice at No. 22?5. ESPN also wrote that Manziel completed only 44 percent of his passes “when pressured.” He also left the pocket quickly and often when pressure came. The reason is Manziel could make plays with his legs. He ran for 30 touchdowns in two seasons. That’s a startling number for a Division I quarterback. He is an elite athlete in terms of quickness and short bursts of speed. But he tends to break off plays and try to break away from the defense too often.6. The hard thing for Manziel will be to turn down a chance to run with the ball. He is praised for being “ fearless” by Farmer, but that also can lead to Manziel trying to prove it by taking on tacklers rather than running out of bounds or sliding before he is hit.7. A quarterback who often scrambles and changes direction is difficult forHollister Prais his linemen, who like to know where he is so they can adjust their blocks to keep tacklers away from him.8. There will be a lot of adjustments for Manziel, and they will have to be made fast. That’s because no matter how the Browns say they want to start veteran Brian Hoyer, there will be pressure to use Manziel the moment Hoyer struggles. And Manziel will feel pressure to make bighere and exciting plays in the preseason to prove he should start.9. It’s hard to believe the Browns will be able to stay patient when it comes to Manziel. If you draft a guy named Johnny Football Louboutin Pas Cher in the first round, it won’t be long until he plays.10. There’s no doubt that Jimmy Haslam wants people talking about his franchise. The Browns owner had to be thrilled when the draft became all about the Browns. The franchise was theChaussure Louboutin story of the night the moment the Browns called Manziel’s name. I just hope Farmer was being candid (to use one of Haslam’s favorite words)

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